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Parts of a Flower: A Diagram

Parts of a Flower: Multiflora Rose (Rosa multiflora)

Flower‘ – the plant part from the sepals out; containing the sepals, petals, stamen, and pistil. Flowers are either complete or incomplete. Complete flowers have all four parts (the sepals, petals, stamen, and pistil). Incomplete flowers will be missing one or more of the parts.

Sepal – usually green colored, they offer a covering for the petals before the flower opens. May or may not be present. Calyx is the term used for the group of sepals around the flower.

Petal –  the showy and usually colorful part of the flower. May or may not be present. Corolla is the term used for the group of petals around a flower.

*if the sepals and petals are similarly colored and not readily distinguished from one another they are collectively refered to as tepals.

Stamen – the male part of the flower, where the pollen comes from. May or may not be present.

Pistilthe female part of the flower (along with the ovary), Where the pollen enters to fertilize the flower. May or may not be present.

Inflorescence – a loosely held collection or grouping of flowers on a stem. Each individual flower is called a floret.

Bud – the immature flower.